Custom Laminated Glass

Custom Laminated Glass

Translucent, Toughened laminated Glass Supplier – Melbourne

Barton Glass is the producer of clear, toughened safety glass windows for the commercial, residential and industrials sectors of Melbourne. As a trusted, reliable name in the production of high quality, reinforced laminated glass, you can be sure that when you contact Barton Glass to produce laminated windows for your application, you can be sure that we will do with skill and precision.

Located in Noble Park, we provide glass production and delivery services for businesses in Melbourne and throughout Victoria. Our dedication to customer service ensures that we provide a super fast turnaround and delivery on all laminated glass products we manufacture here at Barton Glass.

Laminated Glass Specifications

Laminated Glass is Grade A safety glass with an interlayer between two or more panels of glass. The glass and interlayer are bonded together by heat and vacuum pressure to create a durable, high performance, safety glass tailored made to suit the customer’s specific requirements. Barton Glass employ a variety of interlayer types including PVB and EVA, depending on the specific requirements, each of which do not impact the transparency of the glass.

Barton Glass are able to Custom Laminate almost all types of glass including clear, tinted, performance, heat strengthened , annealed, toughened and obscure. In order to meet your project requirements, Barton Glass stock a range of interlayer thicknesses and types.

Barton Glass’s broad range of obscure glass types and ability to custom laminate ensures that safety glass variations are endless and only restricted by your imagination.

Barton Glass Custom Laminate is ideal for use in windows, doors, skylights, balustrading and canopy’s or any environment where laminated safety glass is required to meet Australian building standards.


  • Barton Glass is able to laminate up to a maximum size of 2000 x 3660mm
  • Interlayer options include Clear, Superclear, Translucent, Silver and a variety of colours.

Want to Find Out More?

If you would like to make any further enquiries about utilising laminated glass for your commercial, residential or industrial application, or would like to learn more about its uses for varying applications, feel free to get in contact with the friendly and helpful team at Barton Glass.

Call us on 03 9795 9514 or send us a message via our contact page and we will get back to you with all the information you require.