soakingHeat soaking is a quality treatment to toughened glass offered by Barton Glass. Heat soaking is designed to identify panels that may potentially break due to nickel sulphide impurities or defective edges. Increasingly, building owners and developers are specifying heat soaking treatment for toughed glass to address issues including; Reducing potential public liability Lowering cost compared to glass replacement





Barton Glass operate both CNC and Water-jet processing lines to ensure the level of finish on each project.






paintedAchieving the perfect splash back or painted glass surface is simple and easy with our glass painting service. Simply choose your paint colour and we will organise the rest.






lamThe ability to produce special make up laminate allows Barton Glass to offer endless options in glass configurations. Incorporating unique interlayers and combinations of float, toughened, decorative, and high performance glass, Barton Glass’ special makeup laminated glass allows your imagination to run wild. Applications include glass roofing, flooring and structural applications.