DIY Glass Pool Fencing – Melbourne The need for high quality glass pool fencing at homes and commercial properties is paramount. The safety added by surrounding a pool by glass fencing can never be underestimated especially for families with young children. Ensure your pool has the standard safety precautions available[...]
Custom Laminated Glass
Translucent, Toughened laminated Glass Supplier – Melbourne Barton Glass is the producer of clear, toughened safety glass windows for the commercial, residential and industrials sectors of Melbourne. As a trusted, reliable name in the production of high quality, reinforced laminated glass, you can be sure that when you contact Barton[...]
Clear Float Glass
Clear Float Glass (annealed) is a high quality, visually colorless, low distortion flat surface that allows high daylight transmission.
High Performance Glass
High Performance In the harsh Australian environment with our strict energy ratings for glass and glazing
Laminated Safety Glass
Laminated Glass is made up of two or more layers of glass permanently fused together through heat and pressure with an interlayer.
Toughened Safety Glass
Toughened Safety Glass is a manufactured by placing glass panels in a toughening furnace.
Low Iron Glass
Low Iron glass is manufactured through the same manner as clear float glass; however a large percentage of the iron content is removed.
Advances in mirror product lines over the last few years have seen the product ranges that we are able to offer flourish
Switchable Glass
Barton Glass is proud to have partnered with Gauzy in order to provide the highest quality switchable glass.